Smaller-Scale Landscapes

On a recent trip to Aberystwyth and the area surrounding Devil’s Bridge (think “Hinterland” country), I decided to experiment with using the same small-scale format I often use for my cellular paintings, for some new landscapes.

Normally, I start large landscapes with big expansive brush marks and expressive textures for drawing into with paint. However, working on this smaller scale requires far more discipline but it’s a refreshing challenge to have to keep the image much simpler within this tighter format.

Southbank Art Trail

In May, I exhibited my work in the newly refurbished Gatehouse gallery in Ashton, Bristol, as part of the annual Southbank Arts Trail.

The historic Gatehouse is a fabulously quirky space which is full of hidden nooks and crannies, and is a great place to show work. The show gained excellent feedback and visitors loved how the space was used.

The Southbank Arts Trail is an annual weekend of art shows and performances in homes, open studios, schools, churches, pubs, cafés and community centres around the Southville, Bedminster and Ashton areas of the city. Over 150 artists participate, and I’m always amazed at the variety of work on display. My children’s favourite, this year, was the “Wonky House” which was full of hand-built mechanical toys, while I always like to use the trail as an opportunity to nose into people’s private homes and studio spaces to, not only see some excellent work, but also have a peek at how other artists live and work!


Left: Cell tiles.
Below: Landscape and nature studies.